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And we're back!!!

Well… After a complete serious fuk up by my previous web host, I’m recreating the website again here, a year later, with Wix. I can't really believe it, over 10 years of work and they deleted the site after (their) payment mix up.

Unreal. No back up nothing, I have to do it all again.

C'est la vie.

So here it is, the official Dynacord Rhythm Stick and The Jamma website (as it was re-named in the 90-'s). The website is better now, more up to date and funky and OMG have I got news for you (if you’re into sample triggering etc). There is a brand new generation of the Rhythm Stick happening and it's awesome!

But because of the appalling service from webeden, (did i mention how terrible their service was?), it will take me a while to rebuild this site so please bear with ;)

More soon.

BiG LOve Pete :)

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