Greetings! If you are here because you’re interested in the Rhythm Stick you’ve found the right site! Well, actually, it was renamed The Jamma many years ago...

The story of this instrument stretches back to the early 1980’s where at the age of 19, I came up with a great way of triggering pyrotechnics so that my punk band would be enhanced by synchronised explosions! (really). If someone had told me then, how much that simple idea would develop, and how much it would affect my life… I would not have believed them.
I received and lost a small fortune, I demonstrated the Rhythm Stick/Jamma to many well known musicians and bands as diverse as U2 and David Morales. I taught Michael Jackson how to play it and I contributed to getting Jules Holland kicked off the seminal U.K. TV series ‘The Tube’.

I lost a family I loved and miss to this day over it. I lost many good friends and found new friends through it, I’ve tasted success and been devastated by it. As any inventor will tell you, it’s like giving birth to something, you’ll do almost anything for it and you never really let go… as this site proves some 25 years later.

I still work in the music business running the clubbing and festival not-for-profit events organisation Planet Angel and I work a lot with DJs, in fact some of my best friends are DJs ;). A few years ago a few of them, and some normal friends very kindly built a custom PC for me christened ‘the Jamm Station’ complete with sampling software, a top sound card and MIDI interface. After using it for a while I realised that the new developments in sampling technology mean that the Jamma is now a very powerful and unique way of making new music.
This website is dedicated to exploring that concept as well as sharing playing techniques, hints and tips from me and from anyone else who would like to offer them! It's also dedicated to telling the story of an inventor, one worth telling I believe, but be warned, it’s a truthful no-holes-barred account of my life experience...
I’m adding to this site all the time, there is a lot of history to tell and there seems to be an increasing interest in the Jamma/Rhythm Stick so it’s worth checking back. This is not a commercial site in that I’m not selling anything but I’m up for broking sales of Rhythm Sticks and helping to get them working again if you have a dead one!
If you have, or had a Rhythm Stick or a Jamma, or were connected in some way please get in touch, it would be great to chew the cud.
Big Love, Pete.

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